We live in a 360 world

For those wishing to create focussed journeys for a specific audience, nothing provides more engagement and interaction than the world of 360. Our designers create stunning spaces with hyper realistic detail in both 2D and 3D 360 degree flavours.

You call the shots

We design these beautiful spaces based upon your very own company or brand requirements. With the level of realism it's hard to tell them from the real thing!

Fully interactive

Deliver any content you wish as your audience explores. Videos, documents, webinars, interactive 3D models - almost anything is available to inform, educate and entertain.

2D, full 360 or both!

For many a 2D environment is just perfect, whilst for others the immersion of full 360 spaces is hard to resist. If you would like to combine the two then that's fine also.

A one off or a virtual home

Create an amazing journey for an event or initiative or start building a permanent virtual home for your company. Jump right in or start small and build as needs dictate.

Just a few examples

A small selection of shots taken from one of our 360 demonstrations.
If you have a moment why not take a walk through. Do so on your tablet and you’ll be able to look around as though you were there!

View the demo

So how does it work?

Everything we create is limited ONLY by your imagination so that's a great place to start!

Step 1: Discover

Head of Design & Development here holds a discovery session with all those in your team with something to contribute.

Step 2: Plan the journey

Together we plan the journey your visitors will take as they explore your event, initiative or company.

Step 3: Create WOW

Our design team create your beautiful spaces in 2D or full 3D 360 for your audiences to explore.

360 degree virtual spaces

Step 4: Add the content

Interactions are added throughout to enable delivery of your content and other invaluable tools.

Step 5: Into the cloud

Your virtual experience is stored securely in the cloud for anyone to view on any device.... anywhere!

Step 6: Time to impress

Customers and visitors will see your event or organisation as they have never seen it before!

and the functionality?

All the great interaction from our platform is available in all our bespoke 2D and 3D 360 experiences.
NEED MORE? No problem at all - we can connect to other great systems you already have in place.

Control access

If your virtual spaces are special then you'll want to protect them. Selectively ask for authentication to provide entry into one or any number of areas.

Build as you need

Rome wasn't built in a day, neither should your virtual experience. Start small and add to your journey as you begin to move forward.

Control content

We build content control around your requirements so you can manage everything you deliver in a very simple, efficient and timely manner.

Other reources

If it's cloud based we can bring it into your virtual spaces, enabling your op utilise those great resources you have already created.

Real people

Use green screen video and place sales, technical or training staff right inside your spaces to introduce and guide your audiences.

Immediate connectivity

Enable visitors to connect on the spot with staff members using text, audio and video chat. Perfect for on the spot sales, support and training.

Nothing required

No software, plugins or apps required. Deliver virtual experiences to desktop, laptop, smartphone and VR headsets with NONE of this!

Unlimited numbers

Deliver your experiences to literally thousands of people across the world with no delay, hiccups or complicated technical procedures.

Would you like to know more?

Whether you are an event or exhibition organiser, congress or individual company we would love to talk VIRTUAL with you.

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