So it all starts with those beautiful spaces

A series of carefully designed spaces to represent your entrance hall, conference room or lounge.
Select which ones fit your event the best and we then go to work branding them to reflect your organisation and showcase your advertisers, sponsored exhibitors or key events.

Rather have us design spaces JUST FOR YOU - it would be a pleasure!

Now we create an intuitive journey for your attendees

Every moment your audience interacts with your event is a moment of opportunity – to inform, impress and engage. The journey begins with 3 simple steps to achieve just that!

Attendee registration

We can gather as much or as little information as you wish during registration or we can leave that part entirely up to you

Your virtual lobby

The first space they see is your chosen lobby, beautifully designed to provide easy access to all areas of you event, conference or exhibition

Information desk

Allow your attendees to ask questions, download important information or speak directly with a representative using both text and video chat

Now it's time to showcase your exhibitors with a selection of stunning booths

Each one is designed to provide a different look and feel, ensuring each exhibitor can showcase themselves and their brand in the right way.
For many this will be the first opportunity to present themselves on equal visual terms with larger organisations, providing a tremendous boost by levelling the competitive playing field.

Now comes all the great features to inform and engage your audience

So you have definitely won over the crowd when it comes to your beautifully designed spaces. It's now time to begin delivering the invaluable content created by your organisation, your sponsors, speakers or exhibitors

Virtual event platform registration

Promote and register

We will design a beautiful landing page for your event, something to really interest and engage your audience. This page is really important in attracting attendees and exhibitors so you'll get the full attention of our design team.
This will be accompanied by a registration facility for both your exhibitors and attendees. If you would rather manage these yourselves then that's just fine as we can take your registered users and bring them directly into the Xibitrs platform.

Showcase exhibitors beautifully

If you are hosting an event with exhibitor participation, giving them a great stage to showcase themselves is so important. Our exhibition hall is designed to combine those beautifully designed exhibition stands with simplistic but powerful functionality.

Search for exhibitors you particularly want to visit or add interesting exhibitors to your own favourites list as you journey. Return to them later for a more focussed review and connection.

Xibitrs virtual exhibitors
Your exhibitors are in control

Your exhibitors are in control

Each of your exhibitors has access to a simple and intuitive dashboard where they can manage their booth branding, together with all promotional or educational content. These include videos, brochures, documents and an image gallery.

They can of course also manage their company profile, contact details and any other information relevant to their audience. Anything can be changed whenever required for the duration of an event or throughout the duration of the exhibitors presence.

Facilitate real world conversations

It really is all about connection and your customers expect nothing less when attending a virtual event. Stand representatives and attendees can communicate directly and in real time using text, audio and video chat.

Your exhibitors can decide whether to connect with attendees on a 1 to 1, group basis or a combination of both. Each exhibitor can manage up to 5 representatives, ensuring that someone is always available during the live event.

Facilitate real world conversations
Don't forget webinars

Don't forget webinars

They have become such an important part of business activity recently and a key part of the Xibitrs platform. Your audiences can attend live webinars as they happen, semi live where pre-recorded webinars are aired at specific times and on-demand sessions to be viewed at their leisure.

You can always use the webinar platform you are familiar with so no "new" thing to learn. Run multiple webinars simultaneously from your auditorium and run private or limited access webinars with password protection.

Showcase your speakers

You have worked hard to attract respected speakers to your virtual stage so it's important your attendees know who they are and what they are going to deliver. As an organiser you are able to manage these details, providing speaker profiles and details of their slots from your own dashboard.

Showcase your speakers

Attendee favourites & briefcase

With so much to see at your event or exhibition it's important your attendees don't forget their favourite exhibitors. They can add them to a list of favourites with a single click and return to them at any time.

As they explore your attendees can store items in their briefcase for viewing and download after the event. A great way for them to collect everything they find of interest and review when they have time.

Invaluable visitor data

What if you were able to gather information about the activity that took place on your stand? Well you can with the Xibitrs platform, from how many people visited to their geographical location and everything in between. Invaluable data to help you understand your audience, how they utilised your presence and how to plan and adjust.

Your exhibitors will also be able to see detail of stand visits, document downloads, video views and more.

At home anywhere

At home anywhere

Everything your attendees see looks just right across desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. If you opt for our full 360 degree spaces then you can take advantage of the gyroscope in your tablet or smartphone and be right in the middle of everything.

Can exhibitors use Virtual Reality? Oh yes - if you have exhibitors wishing to really immerse an audience in their brand we can add true VR exhibition stands. Just ask!

Would you like to know more?

Whether you are an event or exhibition organiser, congress or individual company we would love to talk VIRTUAL with you.

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