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So we are all facing a considerable shift in the way many physical events, exhibitions and other gatherings will take place moving forward. We all cannot wait until we return to some semblance of normality but there is no doubt that virtual versions will support and even replace them as time moves on. We understand that organisations are eager to take positive steps beyond simple webinars but action must be taken thoughtfully, practically and sympathetically. The aim is to attract and engage an audience in such a way that they are eager to return. So the first step is to understand this new way of operating, it’s possibilities and the opportunities it provides. To help with this we have put together a selection of questions asked by organisations and we hope it goes some way to helping you build a better understanding of virtual gatherings.

Before the coded outbreak virtual spaces were beginning to gain acceptance in certain sectors and their benefits were beginning to gain momentum. however they were simple Solutions aimed at dressing a very focused requirement. As the pandemic began to have a greater impact upon people’s movements, a very pronounced shift in the approach to virtual environments has taken place. All respected experts now confirm that virtual activities are going to bridge the gap for the foreseeable future and become an ever more important element of B2B and B2C activity.

Absolutely not. It is simply a question of clearly identifying the needs and ensuring the initial virtual journey is an effective, efficient and manageable one. That is why we place initial help and guidance at the very top of our list. It is also important to remember the cost and time involved in physical gatherings. These were items previously taken for granted but opportunities exist to reduce both considerably using virtual.

As you would expect the amount of time required to create a virtual event, exhibition or other initiative is driven by its size and complexity. However if the requirements are relatively straightforward you would be surprised how quickly you can be up and running. You had particularly tight deadlines then we will go above and beyond to ensure you keep your promise to clients, members etc.

Absolutely. The environments we create are designed to engage visitors and encourage them to view content you often already have available. Brochures and specifications, promotional videos, 3D animations.. anything.

Most certainly and the beauty of creating a virtual environment is that it can be updated and reimagined for future events and initiatives. It can be extended cost effectively to provide additional spaces or functionality as needs arise.

Virtual events and exhibitions and other spaces are stored securely in the Cloud. They used standard web based technologies to deliver experiences to audiences on desktop laptop, tablet and smartphone. The only requirement is an internet connection so the geographical limitations associated with physical gatherings literally disappear in an instant!

You are welcome to host as many visitors as you wish. We put no limitation on audience numbers. The only limitation would be that imposed by your choice of platform provider for webinars and life conferences.

Most certainly. For many this is a new area and one that is best approached in a comfortable and controlled manner. Something small but well executed will achieve the results it deserves and will set the stage for potentially larger initiatives going forward.

We of course love to create beautiful spaces and can design them exactly as your imagination leads you. Alternatively you may already have designs available and if they are suitable, we have no issues in using them as the basis for your virtual experience. It is also possible to discuss utilising some of our pre-designed spaces so you won’t be stuck for a suitable option.

We know that a lot of organisations have been involved in physical gatherings for sometime and we’ll have a preferred online method of registering attendees. We are happy to work with you to ensure that an appropriate login is provided to authenticate your visitors. If you would like us to handle the attendee registration we can certainly help with that.

Absolutely. Remember that a virtual environment it designed to attract and engage an audience, encouraging them to take a planned journey of discovery. This applies to individual businesses, retail locations, tourism destinations and many others. So should you have a specific enquiry please don’t hesitate to join us in conversation.

We use state-of-the-art data centres utilising the highest levels of data security. Should any government or other sector specific security measures be required comedies can be arranged. Alternatively clients are more than welcome to host our environments with a service provider of their choice.

That’s a very good question and an important one! Fortunately everyone is now very comfortable with video conferencing and this has become an extremely efficient and effective way for us to communicate with our clients. We pre-agree an appropriate timeline for work to be completed and schedule regular conference calls to ensure work is completed on time. We assign a customer lead to each project so that you are always dealing with a friendly face that you can rely upon to have a full understanding of your requirements throughout.

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